Amir Ashtari Gargari

Electrical Electronic Engineer

Machine Learning Developer

Communication System Engineer

Amir Ashtari Gargari

Electrical Electronic Engineer

Machine Learning Developer

Communication System Engineer


Marie Sklodowska-curie Fellow in #MINTS (European Training Network on MIllimeter-wave NeTworking and Sensing for Beyond 5G) project as a member of  #Signet team at the University of Padova.


My interests are:

  • Wireless Communication
  • internet of things
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Hardware Implementation
  • physically unclonable functions (PUF) 
  • Age 25
  • Residence Italy
  • Languages Azerbaijani, Persian, English
Latest Posts
February 20, 2022 MMNET2021 Workshop

I will present a paper “Full-stack comparison of channel models for networks above 100 GHz in an indoor scenario” related…

May 22, 2021 my First blog about mmWave channel modeling was published ON #MINTS website.

my first blog during my Ph.D. has recently been published. If you are interested in mmWave and channel modeling you…

April 9, 2020 Awarded Best Master Thesis

My Master thises has awarded the best Master projects by INSF ( Iran National Science Foundation) and partially granted under…

August 30, 2019 ISCISC’19 Conference Paper Presented

I have presented a paper with the title of “A New RF-PUF Based Authentication of Internet of Things Using Random…

Top projects
Intrusion Detection in IoT Network
Using Machine Learning Algorithms And Deep Learning Algorithms to Detect Authentication Attack in IoT

Using Machine Learning Algorithms Such As SVM, Random Forest And Deep Learning Algorithms Such as CNN to Detect Attack in IoT #Mesh and #Star Network written in #Python with #Numpy, #Pandas, #Keras, #scikit learn Libs. Generate Dataset based on Physically Unclonable Functions(PUF) under the IEEE 802.15.04 Standard in Matlab.

Aerial Image Processing
Object Detection with Deep Learning on Aerial Imagery

Written in #Python with #Numpy, #Tensorflow ,and #OpenCV libs. Using Transfer Leraning on #COWC Dataset based on #RetinaNet to detect Cars. Using #SRGAN to upscale images Resolution.

Multiple Hardware Implementations on #FPGA

Implemen tbased on #RTL written in #HDL. Projects such as R4SDC(PipelinedFFT), FrequencyRegulator ,ApproximateExponential, CrossbarNetwork, SimpleCPU.

Generate digits and photo by training a GAN Network.

Using #DCGAN and #BEGAN based on #MNIST Dataset to Generate digits, written in #Python with #Numpy, #Keras Libs. Using #DCGAN based on Cifar-10 Dataset to Generate Photo, written in #Python with #Numpy, #Keras Libs.

In-application Programming (IAP) over Ethernet in Arm platform.

Implement on #STM32F7(Cortex-m7) Microcontroller. using #Lwip Lib written in C++.

Human Detection and Counting based on #Video Processing in Embedded Systems for Security Devices.

Implement on #Raspberry Pi Embedded System, Using #Camera as input, written in Python with #OpenCV, Numpy Libs in Linux OS

Design and Verification of S-band HF Analog PCB.

PCB Design by #Altium Designer and #Cadence Allegro Verification by #Ansys #Siwave and #Advanced Design System(ADS).

Design Professional Line Follower Robot.

Implementation of a system for detection of surface(glass) vibrations using IR light deflection.

Implementation of an amplitude modulated radio transmitter.

Implementation of a heart beat signal extraction system based on piezoelectric sensors.

Tehran Petroleum Refinery
Design and Implement PH meter, Controller and Analyzer Device.
Project based

Niknam Electronic Rayan (NAR) Co
Human Detection and Counting based on Video Processing in Embedded Systems for Security Devices.
Software Engineer
Educational Subjects writer
Topics: IoT, Python, FPGA.

University of Tabriz.
Robotics Teacher
Line Follower and Soccer player Robots, 5 Consecutive Semesters

East-Azerbaijan province Robotics Committee Branch, Sports Federation
Robotics Teacher
Robotics Teacher

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  • Address: Padova, Italy
  • Email:
  • Phone: +39 3515085474

Research Assistant at SigNet (SIGnal processing and NETworking) lab,

Department of Information Engineering,

University of Padova,

Padova, Italy.

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